• ACL delivers technology solutions that are transforming audit and risk management. Through a combination of software and expert content, ACL enables powerful data-driven GRC, internal controls that identify and mitigate risk, protect profits, and accelerate performance.
  • ACL is recognized as a global leader in data analysis, with 25 years of usage by risk and control groups that span governance, management and assurance groups across business and government.
  • ACL is currently used by over 15000+ Fortune Listed and Holding Companies worldwide. In UAE 100+ large enterprise clients including Government ministries and various companies whether be Government owned, privately held, publicly listed in BFSI, trading, retail, logistics, travel, tourism, hospitality etc. are many among ACL users.

The ACL product family includes three technology solutions designed to help professionals across governance, risk and compliance groups identify, investigate, and mitigate business risk:

  1. Data Analysis – Deep analysis of data populations to detect transactions that fall outside of business norms, internal control standards or regulatory requirements.
  2. Enterprise Continuous Monitoring – Recurring analysis of transactional data designed as an early detection system to help prevent and mitigate business impacts through identification of operational deficiencies or control gaps.
  3. Data Driven GRC – Management and measurement of risks and controls against business objectives in accordance with regulations, standards and policies.